Realtime data visualization

Configure a push notification system that works well with learners and teachers in your academic instistution through realtime data streaming.

Distribution charts
Time-based charts
Scattered data


Recognize, classify and detect knowledge from a dataset of information through classification visual displays.

Polar distribution
Radial distribution

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Technical Support

Free Trial installation and setup setup of Learner Management Systems.

Staff Training

Online Training to assist school administrators, educators and general employees.

Virtual Classrooms

Augmentation of classroom activities through Mobile, Web, and Desktop devices.


Generation of certicates for every online course completed successfully.

Study Material

Availability of training material, including training videos, books, quizes and exams.

Library Books

Preview the latest in practical and experimental research books, papers and publications.

No child left behind!

With the global pandemic is still withholding resources to academia. Student portal is tackling the issues that are most likely to occur in the post-pandemic future.

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Virtual Class Rooms

Learners can access assessments for subjects they are enrolled to at the school from any device, desktop, mobile and web. Teachers can log in to configure assessments, timelines for submissions, which learners can upload on the system. Admistrators are responsible for configuring the subjectsand permissions for teachers to add activities, quizes and assignments.

Development Tool for measuring your development in order to help you accomplish your tasks.


Supply of resources for academic research and practical experiments to help visualize information.

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Best Education I have ever seen

Artificial Intelligence is our shot a saving civilization. A tool such as Student Portal is crucial for developing skills that will make people smart and better prepared for the future.


Fun to Imagine

I don't know why people, especially kids, would say and that science and engineering is hard when there's an educational program such as Student Portal to assist them in understanging the world.

Richard Feynman

Meet The Team

Dan Tsela

Software Developer (BSc. Electronic Engineering)

Archie Ndubane

Data Analytics (BSc. Statistics)

Gaven Mojahi

Content Developer (Advanced Programming)